100% Organic Natural Latex Pillows in NZ


Your sleep position and comfort is highly influenced by the support your pillow gives to your body position. Latex has become a popular product, which provides both highly responsive and supportive head and neck comfort. You should be aware of how your sleep products influence your sleep positions, and which pillows are best for each of them.

Ideally your head and neck need to be held in alignment with the rest of your spine. Your head should remain in one level through the night, no matter which position you sleep in and your neck should be able to rest on a surface, which fills the space between your head and shoulders.

At INNATURE we are happy to assist you to make a right choice and offer a range of Latex pillows in variety of thicknesses, shapes and firmness.

please note: we do not replace, exchange or refund Pillows, so please choose wisely.