Natural, organic, quality beds made in NZ with love. Good for you. Good for the Planet.


Q&A Health Sessions

Health, Pain, Stress & Sleep

Sessions with experienced Health Consultant and Osteopath Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O., I.N.H.C.

Find out more about back pain and sleep, how to get good sleep and health tips to de-stress in these 3 FB sessions with Fi.  Fi Jamieson-Folland has been practicing as an Osteopath + Integrative Nutrition Health Coach since 1992. INNATURE have been helping Kiwis rest and sleep well, by offering a personalised service, crafting natural healthy beds with love since 2006. 

Back Pain & Sleep

Fi offers tips and information about how to help deal with pain and improve your sleep.

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How to De-Stress? FB with Fi Jamieson-Folland

Get some Tips on how to practically de-tress and learn to relax.

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How to get Good Sleep?

Fi offers tips and information about how to help you improve your sleep.

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Do you suffer from back pain, discomfort, & sleepless nights?

It can be a challenging to find the right bed for a comfortable sleep. INNATURE offers you a personal, customised sleep solution with careful attention to detail, helping you find just the right bed. Our expert service offers you a curated package, giving you the correct support and level of comfort for your specific needs.
Finally you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up happy on an organic natural bed that offers contour support, exceptional comfort and rejuvenating sleep. Made of certified 100% natural organic latex mattresses and quality solid timber slat frames and organic bedding – It will change your life!
Visit us and try them out at our Showroom or book a free sleep consultation. We will guide you through finding the perfect bed made just for you. Sleep well, wake up happy!



This Mattress is made with 100% Natural Organic Latex core in Medium Soft density.  It is a supportive mattress with accommodating give...


Cubi Plus design includes features often asked for by customers – massive legs and angled headboard. This elegant Solid timber bed frame...


The Gypsy bed frame is inexpensive, clean, simple lines with solid slats. You will have the sense of floating on the this base while...


BEST SELLER ! Our most popular and very complemented cot mattress. Featuring a (Coconut Coir Fibre out of stock)/ 100 % Natural Latex Core...


Best seller! Our mattresses give comfortable and firm, lasting support, companion to your child for years to come. At INNATURE we craft...


BEST SELLER! Hand made for you here in NZ, this mattress is composed of three beautiful, natural, organic materials: 100% natural organic...


It is hand crafted by us in Auckland, these mattress toppers provide additional pressure point relief. Adds comfort and softness to your...

100% sustainable and biodegradable



At INNATURE we wish everyone a healthy, good night's sleep. We are team of experienced craftsmen who love to work together, and who care for the health of people and of our planet. All of our products are crafted here in New Zealand from the highest-quality organic and all-natural materials, to provide your family with a safe, supportive, and healthy night sleep.

We don't do cheap, preferring to offer quality products directly to you at the best possible price, insuring the best possible value. Read more about us.