Natural latex mattresses and solid timber bed frames hand crafted in NZ.

Good for you. Good for our Planet.

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100% sustainable and biodegradable


Are you tired of tossing and turning all night due to back pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain?

Do you struggle with overheating on your synthetic mattress, suffer from migraines or fatigue, or struggle with allergies and asthma? Perhaps you’re even sensitive to electromagnetic fields or harsh chemicals. Or maybe you just want to ensure that you and your loved ones are getting the healthiest sleep possible.

If any of these issues sound familiar, INNATURE is here to help. Our team of sleep experts can guide you in selecting the perfect sleep solution that meets your unique needs. From our all-natural latex mattresses to our organic bedding and accessories, we’re dedicated to providing you with a comfortable, healthy, and eco-friendly sleeping experience.

Don’t suffer through another sleepless night.

Call us today at (09) 8380087 or schedule a Sleep Consultation and discover how INNATURE can transform the way you sleep.

Get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed on an INNATURE organic natural bed.

These offer exceptional comfort for rejuvenating sleep. Our certified 100% natural organic latex mattresses and quality solid timber slat frames with organic bedding will change your life!

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We will help you to Sleep well and wake up happy!




This Mattress is made with 100% Natural Organic Latex core in Medium Soft density.  It is a supportive mattress with accommodating give...

Best Seller!

Cubi Plus design includes features often asked for by customers – massive legs and angled headboard. This elegant Solid timber bed frame...


The Gypsy bed frame - SOLD ONLY with an INNATURE FUTON or INNATURE LATEX mattress. The Gypsy has clean, simple lines with solid slats. You...


BEST SELLER ! Our most popular and very complemented cot mattress. Featuring Natural Latex core and Coconut fibre core. This is our best...


Best seller! Our mattresses give comfortable and firm, lasting support, companion to your child for years to come. At INNATURE we craft...

Best Seller!

BEST SELLER! Hand made for you here in NZ, this mattress is composed of three beautiful, natural, organic materials: 100% natural organic...


It is hand crafted by us in Auckland, these mattress toppers provide additional pressure point relief. Adds comfort and softness to your...



At INNATURE we wish everyone a healthy and good night's sleep. We are team of experienced craftsmen and women who love working together, and who care for the health of our planet and people.  Our products are crafted here in New Zealand from the highest-quality organic and all-natural materials, to provide your family with a safe, supportive, and healthy bed.

Offering quality products directly to you at the best possible price, ensuring the best possible value. Read more about us.