‘COMFI’ Organic Latex Mattress. Medium Soft


This Mattress is made with 100% Natural Organic Latex core in Medium Soft density.  It is a supportive mattress with accommodating give – a balance between support and desired comfort. It offers good contour support and accommodates your hip and shoulder curves. Excellent for the side sleepers!

If you have some pressure points issues and pain in a shoulder or hip it is the firmness to consider! Also perfect if you prefer a comfortable, “not too firm” bed… Often customers in the INNATURE showroom lie on this Mattress to test it and say: “Oh, this one is comfy!” 🙂

Recommended to be used with an Organic wool mattress protector or 100% Tencel mattress protector. The quilted cover is not designed to be removed or washed.

For an additional “plush luxury” feel Organic Soft Latex topper can be added… Mmmm… you will not want to leave your bed!