‘BALANCE’ Organic Latex Mattress. Medium


This Mattress is made with a 100% Natural Organic Latex core in Medium density.  It is a very supportive mattress with some give – a balance between support and comfort.

It is a bit on the firmer side, yet a comfortable mattress for someone who loves a supportive but not ‘too hard’ bed whilst still seeking good spine alignment and good support for the lower back. It is often preferred by side sleepers who like a “firm-ish” bed, as well as back sleepers and belly sleepers who need to be well supported.

If you have some pressure points issues and pain in a shoulder or a hip you might look at INNATURE’s softer options which provide more gentle contour support for the body – for example ‘COMFI’ or ‘CLOUD’ Organic Latex Mattresses. Or maybe consider adding an Organic Soft Latex topper to this supportive mattress to have the “plush” luxury feel and appropriate support at the same time.

Recommended to be used with Organic wool mattress protector or 100% Tencel mattress protector.