Sleep Consultation

We can help you make the right choice

The best way to get a personalised consultation is head in-store to our showroom where you can lay on and test our mattresses while getting expert advice from an INNATURE sleep specialist.

Or simply book a free sleep consultation. Ursel will give you a call back. As our most experienced sleep consultant Ursel has developed a system of questions which accurately profile the best INNATURE product-match for you.  This process has evolved from 2 decades of listening, evaluating and responding to our customers unique body-support requirements.  Everyone deserves to get a full night’s sleep and many factors affect healthy sleep. Ursel can provide you with the tools you need to select the right bed for you and advice to help you develop healthy sleep habits.

Our products can also be customised to your preferences, your body shape, sleeping position, and sleep environment.

Remember, we each have unique requirements for optimal sleep, and science has shown the link between good sleep and good physical and mental health is undeniable.

Book today to start your journey to optimal sleep with INNATURE.

Sleep Consultation. Your details:

  • Your age

  • Your weight in kg

  • Gender

  • Sleeping position

  • Personal preferences

  • Product type

  • Personal preference in the level of support of the mattress

  • Your Partner Details (if applicable)

    Select partner age.
  • Partner weight
  • Partner Gender if applicable
  • Partner preference in the level of support of the mattress

We will create a  sleep solution that provides the correct support and level of comfort for you. Selecting the correct pillow and bedding influence sleep, and we want you to have the best experience. It can be a challenging task to select the best matched products which is why INNATURE offers Sleep Consultations. 



100% Natural Latex

Inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting to breathe fresh, clean air while they sleep. READ MORE


The average person spends a third of their life in bed! Sleep is important time for the body. It’s a time for repair and recovery. Comfort comes from Excellent spine alignment, pressure point relief and good air circulation and temperature regulation.


Breathable, excellent air circulation and temperature regulation

Cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural properties of all natural materials that we use will offer you a comfortable breathable sleeping environment to rest in. READ MORE
100% sustainable and biodegradable