‘SPINE HEALTH’ Organic Coco Latex Mattress. Firm


The firmest Mattress of our range. Features a coconut husk fibre core centre and offers straight spine alignment and good firm support for the lower back. It is a truly firm but comfortable mattress and often chosen by customers who love really firm beds, enjoy straight spine alignment and durable support for the low back.

It is very often preferred by tradesmen and athletic people, as well as customers who, due to cultural preference (for example, Asian people), prefer firm support for the whole body to get a good, deep sleep.

It can be too firm for side sleepers as it does not offer any give to accomodate your shoulder or hip.

This mattress, used together with INNATURE Latex soft topper, is a “magic union” of comfort and firm support.

Recommended to be used with Organic wool mattress protector or 100% Tencel mattress protector, as the quilted cover is not designed to be removed or washed.