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Organic Natural Baby Mattresses

Organic Natural Bassinet Mattresses FOR THE Best possible start in life!

One of the most important decisions you can make for the care, comfort and health of your baby is your choice of mattress.

Little ones are much more sensitive to chemicals than adults and given they spend so much of their day resting and asleep, the time they spend in their bed is critical to their health.

INNATURE baby mattresses are made without the use of plastics, solvents, polyurethane foam, toxic fire-retardants or formaldehyde.

Our handmade mattresses for babies use organic and 100% natural materials, to create a snug and safe nest for your baby. With an INNATURE baby mattress you can choose the size and firmness you prefer for your child. For more information about the materials and methods we use, please read our philosophy story or to learn more about how to buy a baby mattress call us on toll-free number      0508 466288

As there are many different brands, types and sizes of bassinets, we offer a few options to make sure that INNATURE bassinet mattress will be functional and safe in your particular bassinet. Please, contact us if you need any advice in this regard.

See Latex Baby Matress in Auckland

If you’re looking for a comfortable and healthy sleep, INNATURE has you covered. INNATURE is a trusted name in natural bed products, with something for anyone seeking an eco-friendly alternative.  However: everyone has unique needs when it comes to sleep. That’s why it’s so important to try before you buy, so you can find the perfect mattress firmness, size and style for you. We offer an unbeatable selection of natural sleep products —and they’re all located in the INNATURE showroom in Auckland! INNATURE is based here in New Zealand; made with love and ethical, quality materials. Explore our vast selection of latex baby matress including Bassinet and Cot Mattresses in-person today.

We can also make all baby mattresses in an oval shape and in customised size. For oval shape we need you to send us a template (out of newspaper or plastic bag).

Production & Delivery Times: Please be aware of the timeframe for us to custom-make orders.
• Baby Bassinet Mattresses: 1 week • Cot Mattresses – 1-2 weeks (contact us if urgent and we'll do our best to get it to you quickly)
• Child and Teenage Mattresses: 3-4 weeks • Cotton/Wool Pillows: 2-5 Days
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Fiona - Palmerston North

"The mattress is made to perfection. The wrapping was absolutely superb on the parcel and I would recommend this trader for all baby items without any hesitation. For all first time parents I strongly recommend that you purchase your mattresses from here."

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Baby Mattress Products


Our great grandmothers knew the benefits of using wool: natural, breathable & available! Now it is also known for its natural...

Best Seller!

BEST SELLER! Hand made for you here in NZ, this mattress is composed of three beautiful, natural, organic materials: 100% natural organic...


Only 3 beautiful natural organic materials used for this mattress: Coconut husk fibre core, pure NZ wool, organic blended hemp/cotton...


This combo includes everything what is needed for your growing baby to sleep healthy and happy, so you can have a bit of a break. :-)...


Firmer than our Medium Firm cot mattress as it does't have Latex layers. With it's 75mm Coconut husk core it is a very supportive mattress....


Softer than our Medium Firm cot mattress as it has 100% Organic Latex core (no layer of coconut fibre in the centre), it is still a very...


BEST SELLER ! Our most popular and very complemented cot mattress. Featuring XX firm 100 % Natural Latex core. This is our best selling cot...

baby in bed

Fiona - Palmerston North

"The mattress is made to perfection. The wrapping was absolutely superb on the parcel and I would recommend this trader for all baby items without any hesitation. For all first time parents I strongly recommend that you purchase your mattresses from here."

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Different types of Organic Bassinet Mattresses. Suitablity and prices.

Bassinet typesOrganic wool
bassinet mattress.
Organic Latex/wool bassinet mattress. MediumOrganic Coconut fibre core/wool
bassinet mattress. Firm
"Cariboo" range bassinets.
Size 40 x 76cm. Plywood bottom.
Yes. Price $85Yes. $160Yes. Price $160
"Dimples" bassinet. BabyBliss.
Size 38 x 80cm. Plywood bottom
Yes. Price $85Yes. $160Yes. Price $160
Cane old bassinets usually kept in the family and passed on.No.
As there is no plywood
on the bottom and
bottom is uneven.
Yes. $160Yes. Price $160
Stokke bassinet. Oval shapeNo.
As it is a big bassinet
and needs thicker and
more supportive mattress then just woolen one.
Yes. $180Yes. Price $180


NO Nasties:

INNATURE products are 100% natural, contain no chemicals or glues. We maintain the highest standards to ensure our products keep you and your loved one safe. Natural mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites.  No fire retardants were used on any of our products. READ MORE


Often, allergy and respiratory problems are caused by chemical toxins or pesticides that are incorporated in the conventional mattress manufacturing process. Organic latex mattresses are pesticide-free, chemical-free, and thus, hypoallergenic. READ MORE

Breathable, excellent air circulation and temperature regulation

Cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural properties of all natural materials that we use will offer you a comfortable breathable sleeping environment to rest in. READ MORE


Louisa – Auckland

“Hi INNATURE team,

Thank you for the beds – we are so pleased with them. They are beautifully made and we won’t go back to sleeping on a sprung mattress ever again! We
had one night on our old mattress in the spare room the night before the bed was delivered so that I could prepare our bedroom for the new bed, and neither of us slept very well – we really notice the difference with the latex mattress! Thanks again – our daughter is also really pleased with her new bed.

Kind regards, Louisa”

Ordered: King 7″ “BALANCE” Organic Mattress and 6″ King Single Latex Mattress + mattress protectors and pillows

Phoebe – Upper Hutt, Welligton

“Hi Sukhita,

LOVE our new bedding!!!!! Thank you very much!
I just wanted to look at those lovely futons when we got them in to the house, but had to force myself to finally make the beds up so we could sleep in them! Was all ready with my allen key and screwdriver to assemble the bed base, and was so impressed that I didn’t have to use either to put it together, so simple!
The pillows are the best I have ever slept on too. Thank you so much for the excellent product and wonderful warm service.

Kind regards, Phoebe.”

Ordered: King and King Single Coco Natural futon mattresses + ZEN slat base & Bedding

Donna White – Auckland

“Hi Sukhita,

I meant to ring you yesterday but forgot. We’ve had two nights in our new bed from INNATURE and are absolutely THRILLED with it. It’s like floating in a sea of happiness – heaps better than any luxury lodge bed I’ve ever slept in and I’m a bit of a connoisseur of these sort of things.;-)
I’ve got a couple of friends who are in the market for a bed and I’ve given out the two brochures you gave me. If you could post me some more I will happily give them out to my other friends. Truly, this is the best investment we’ve made in years. Even my frugal husband reckons this was a great spend and the best best BEST bed he’s ever slept on.


Ordered: King 7″ “COMFI”Organic Mattress + 55mm Organic Latex topper + Slat Bed + Bedding

100% sustainable and biodegradable