Organic Latex Child Mattress. Firm


100% natural & organic Kids Mattresses to ensure a pure and chemical-free environment for your child while they sleep. Our mattresses give comfortable, firm and lasting support – it will be a companion to your child for years to come.

Firm mattress – 125mm thick.

This mattress boasts a 100mm solid core of extra firm Latex in density 95kg/m3 with a layer of 500gsm wool surrounding the core. All layers are stitched through the inner cover. This is placed in an outer cover,  made of organic cotton and hemp blended fabric and quilted with wool. It has strong durable handles, which will serve to help flip and rotate this mattress. The combination of all materials used are ideal to offer long durable support. It will provide your child with excellent spinal alignment and comfort for your their changing body. The firm mattress is preferred by Asian parents due to cultural preference for firm mattresses.

This thickness is designed for people under 60kg to sleep on for 15-20 years. If parents plan to lay with a child while reading them a story or to comfort the child, we recommend to go for 150mm thick option – we call it teenager mattress 🙂

* To be used on slat bed base.