INNATURE Wisewool Pillows. Handmade in NZ.


New NZ made pillows!

We’re excited to announce a new addition to the INNATURE collection of 100% natural pillows! Just like selecting a mattress, choosing the right size pillow and level of firmness is crucial for healthy, restorative sleep, whether you’re a back, side, tummy sleeper or a mix of those positions. With so many options available on the market, finding the ideal pillow can be challenging.

However, the INNATURE Wisewool Pillow stands apart from the rest. Packed with clean, white wool buds that retain their loft and comfort over time. Furthermore, each pillow comes with an organic cotton and hemp prime cover with a zipper, allowing you to adjust the volume of wool to your preference.

Comes in standard NZ size 48 x 70cm and in 3 options of fullness:

skinny – loft of 900 grams of wool buds with a thickness of 10cm

medium – loft of 1200 grams of wool buds with a thickness of 12cm

thick – loft of 1500 grams of wool buds with a thickness of 14cm

Our helpful team is always available to discuss your needs and preferences and help you find the perfect pillow for your best night’s sleep. Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team to discuss further your needs and preferences in order to find your suitable fit.

At INNATURE we are happy to assist you to make a right choice.

please note: we do not replace, exchange or refund Pillows, so please choose wisely.

If you are not sure which pillow would be best for you and need an advice please fill the form on our Free Sleep Consultation page. Our experience Sales Manager will be in contact with you in 2 working days to discuss.