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Pure: Chemical Free

The natural materials we use in our organic mattresses have been specifically chosen for their unique health promoting properties, which all allow good air circulation and provide comfortable support for the body.

  • 100% Organic Natural Latex

    Natural rubber latex is made from 100% natural rubber extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, a renewable resource grown in Sri Lanka. Latex is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. It is recognised for its therapeutic properties and its ability to provide orthopaedic support for great spine health. Latex naturally adjusts to the contours of your body, providing gentle support that maintains proper spinal alignment without restricting capillary blood flow. This reduces tossing and turning and allows a deeper, more restful sleep. Latex is hypo-allergenic, and breathes to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bacteria, mildew, and mould cannot live in latex. Latex mattress core lasts up to 20 years.

  • Coconut Husk Fibre Rubberized with Natural Latex

    Coconut fiber is obtained from the fibrous husk of the coconut from the coconut palm. It has a high lignin content and thus a low cellulose content, as a result of which it is resilient, strong and highly durable. Sri Lanka produces 36% of the total world brown fibre output. That is where we source this sustainable material from. The fibres are compressed together with natural latex glue giving it a rubbery texture (rubberised coir). The coco fibre has excellent moisture and air permeability properties which keeps the mattress internally dry. It is also very strong and durable, yet extremely elastic, making it a great addition to a mattress to provide firm support for the spinal column. Our coco fibre is not fumigated when entering the country because of its special but still natural production process.

  • NZ Organic Wool

    The properties of real wool make it a perfect material to provide a dry and safe sleep in New Zealand climate. Wool fibres are hygroscopic. This means wool has the power to readily absorb and give off moisture. It can for instance, absorb moisture up to one-third of its own weight. Synthetic fibres can only absorb 2-3 per cent of moisture before they begin to feel wet. It also naturally retards fire as it is harder to ignite than most synthetic and cotton fibres used in equivalent products. We use New Zealand wool from the South Island, bonded to 500g density in our mattresses and other products. It is washed and processed in a very friendly to nature way. You can still smell the sheep, but only just a little.

  • Unbleached Organic Cotton (45%) / Hemp (55%) Fabric

    This mix of organic cotton and hemp was specially chosen by us for making natural mattress covers for the New Zealand climate.
    Our research has shown that pure organic cotton was not robust enough to perform well in our climate and gets mouldy too easily in the winter. But woven in combination with hemp, which is mould resistant and has good anti-bacterial qualities known for centuries, it makes a perfect lasting fabric for covering our mattresses and other sleeping products, like mattress protectors, pillows and duvets.

We combine all these fibres to craft natural mattresses with a variety of firmnesses to suit your personal preference.

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Annelise – Auckland

“Just wanted to say that we absolutely love love love our new mattress. Thank you soooo much! Have had the best sleep I’ve had in months.

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Natural Beds are Great for Your Health

NO Nasties:

INNATURE products are 100% natural, contain no chemicals or glues. We maintain the highest standards to ensure our products keep you and your loved one safe. Natural mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites.  No fire retardants were used on any of our products. READ MORE


Often, allergy and respiratory problems are caused by chemical toxins or pesticides that are incorporated in the conventional mattress manufacturing process. Organic latex mattresses are pesticide-free, chemical-free, and thus, hypoallergenic. READ MORE

Breathable, excellent air circulation and temperature regulation

Cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural properties of all natural materials that we use will offer you a comfortable breathable sleeping environment to rest in. READ MORE

Are healthy beds really important?

Your health is important for quality of life. About one third of your life is spent in bed; far too long not to have a good night’s sleep and also be exposed to chemicals in the bedroom if the bed and furniture are not made from natural materials or by toxic manufacturing processes. INNATURE beds have many health benefits.


Good support for a healthy spine development

A children's spine is still developing and needs the best possible support. Our organic mattresses which are made with a combination of natural latex, coconut fibre, cotton and NZ wool will give your child the support it needs. READ MORE

Pure: Free from chemicals

Do you want the best for your child? The most important decision you can make for care, comfort and health is your choice of mattress. Children can spend 10-14 hours a day sleeping, therefore the mattress is the most important object in the child’s environment. READ MORE
100% sustainable and biodegradable