Our Team

Sukhita Derova - Innature

Sukhita – Owner and Manager. Customer Service

“We Craft our Organic Latex Mattresses, Futons, Organic Bassinet and Cot mattresses, Organic cotton & Wool pillows and some other products in our New Lynn, West Auckland factory and sell directly to you – offering high-quality natural bedding at very competitive prices.”

Korbi, furniture maker

Addisu, mattress maker

production process, happy employee

Natalia, mattress maker

“The production process for our latex mattresses is very pure: NO GLUES, NO TOXIC CHEMICALS, ONLY NATURAL MATERIALS – NO COMPROMISE THERE. We hand stitch layers to make sure that every mattress will last long time and will be no movement of layers”

production process, happy employee

Mulualem, mattress maker

Fabian, furniture maker

production process in innature

Ursel, Customer Service

Evan, furniture maker

Reta, mattress maker

100% sustainable and biodegradable