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Why choose an organic natural mattress and bed?

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About Innature Products

What are organic natural mattresses?

Natural mattresses are made from materials grown by nature and transformed without the use of any chemicals. At INNATURE, we use pure 100% natural latex, coconut husk fibre, pure NZ eco wool, organic cotton and hemp fabric. In comparison, conventional mattresses are usually made with chemically questionable materials that can cause a variety of health problems. Consumers choose natural mattresses as a way to avoid unnecessary exposure to these chemicals.

Which materials are used in INNATURE products?

Cover fabric – Hemp/Organic Cotton (55%/45%)

This mix of organic cotton and hemp was specially formulated by us to make natural mattress covers for the New Zealand climate. Our research has shown that pure organic cotton was not robust enough to perform well in our climate and becomes mouldy too easily in the winter season. However woven in combination with hemp, which is mould resistant and has good antibacterial qualities, it makes a lasting strong fabric perfect for covering our mattresses and our range of sleeping products (mattress protectors, pillows and duvets). The exceptional durability and strength of the fabric allows us to add two handles on each long side of the mattress, which are very helpful when you want to turn and flip your mattress to keep it comfortable and supportive for 20+ years.

Mattress Filling Materials

100% Organic Natural Latex

Natural latex is made from 100% natural rubber extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, a renewable resource grown in Sri Lanka. Latex is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, is recognised for its therapeutic properties and its ability to provide orthopaedic support. Latex provides lateral support naturally adjusting to the contours of your body, providing gentle support that maintains proper spinal alignment without restricting capillary blood flow. Tossing and turning is reduced and allows a deeper, more restful sleep. Wool has a porous texture that allows for sufficient ventilation to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is hypoallergenic which means bacteria, mildew, and mould cannot live in latex. Mattresses made with a 100% natural Latex core are expected last up to 20+ years if cared for properly.

Coconut husk fibre rubberized with natural latex

Coconut fibre is obtained from the fibrous husk of the coconut from the coconut palm. The fibres are extracted, shaped into layers and compressed together with natural latex glue giving it a rubbery texture (rubberised coir). Sri Lanka produces 36% of the total world brown fibre output. This is where we source our sustainable material from. Coco fibre has excellent moisture management and air permeability properties which keeps the mattress internally dry. It has a high lignin content and thus a low cellulose content, as a result of which it is resilient, strong and highly durable. Coco fibre also has excellent elastic properties, making it a great mattress core to provide firm support for the spinal column.

Our coco fibre and latex is not fumigated when entering the country because of its special natural production process.

Raw cotton

Cotton, one of the oldest textile materials, continues to be one of the most used, even with the wide use of synthetic fibers as well as other natural fibers, and is still an important material in many mattresses. Environmental consciousness has led to a demand for materials that are pure and sustainable, and this is true for cotton. Pure means that no unnatural substances have been added. Main properties: pure cotton gives our futon mattress a supportive volume and is 100% natural.

As for the NZ climate which is very humid it is important to have layers of raw cotton mixed with layers of pure NZ  wool to add a breath-ability and moisture management properties. We use cotton organically grown in Australia. This cotton is 100% pure, unprocessed and unbleached – best we found.

New Zealand wool

Wool is the optimum material for mattress padding. It is a safe, natural, mildew-resistant fibre that science cannot imitate for its breathability, versatility, practicality and fire retarding properties. Wool is nature’s ideal insulator, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Wool fibres are hygroscopic, meaning wool has the power to readily absorb and give off moisture. It can for instance, absorb moisture up to one-third of its own weight. Synthetic fibres can only absorb 2-3 percent of moisture before they begin to feel wet. At INNATURE, we use New Zealand wool from the South Island, bonded to 500g density. The washing and processing is eco-friendly. You can still smell the sheep, but only just a little…

What are futons?

There is sometimes confusion about what constitutes a futon. Is the futon a couch? Is it a folding sofa frame? Is it just a bed without springs? In Japanese tradition, a futon is a cotton-filled mattress that is only about three inches thick. It is stitched to keep the wadding in place. Futons are designed to be placed on tatami flooring, and are traditionally folded away and stored in a closet during the day to allow the tatami and futon to breathe and allow for flexibility of room usage. Futons must be aired in sunlight regularly, especially if not put away during the day.

The futons made at INNATURE are based on the Japanese original, with some improvements, taking into account the New Zealand climate. Our futons are adjusted to the New Zealand climate by including layers of wool for better moisture management. They can also include a core of natural latex (50mm or 38mm) or of coconut fibre (75mm) to increase their lifespan and add an additional properties such as durable give or durable hardness. We make our futons thicker and larger than Japanese futons, resembling a traditional mattress in size. Futons in New Zealand are usually used on slat bed frames or on sofa beds. Especially for sofa beds, we recommend an additional removable and washable cover available in a variety of colours.

Futons require a bit more maintenance than Natural Latex mattresses and need to be flipped and aired in the sun at least once every other week. A futon mattress is generally on the firm side of the comfort spectrum and with proper care should last between 8 and 12 years.

What is the difference between a natural latex mattress and a futon mattress with a latex core?

Both products are natural mattresses and should be used on a solid slat system. The two mattresses differ in the choice of materials,their construction, duration of comfort, maintenance requirements, lifespan, level of support, and price.

An INNATURE 15cm thick Organic Premium Latex futon mattress is made of alternating layers of cotton and wool with a 50mm latex core. Moreover INNATURE Latex mattresses have a much thicker latex core -150mm and one layer of wool around the latex core for extra moisture management, plus another layer of wool is quilted in the outer top and bottom cover. Latex mattresses have no cotton wadding.

A futon has one Organic cotton and hemp fabric cover. It is stitched to hold the inner layers in place. A latex mattress has a stitched inner cover to keep the organic latex core and wool together and an outer cover that is quilted with wool for extra comfort. The outer cover of the latex mattress is made from strong fabric and comes with handles. A latex mattress will not change its level of comfort for a very long time as latex is durable and maintains its shape and bounce. A futon, however, which is mostly made of cotton and wool layers, will compress over time. A futon with a latex core will provide comfort for longer than one without latex, because the bounce of the latex slows down the compression process. Our latex layers/mattress cores are available in different levels of firmness, providing varying support options in our latex mattress range. This flexibility is not available with our futons as the cotton and wool do not function in this way. Our premium futon with a latex core is a medium firm mattress and is the softest of the futon range.

Since cotton can hold some moisture, a futon requires more maintenance than a latex mattress. It needs to be flipped and aired more frequently to make sure it stays dry. This is especially important in the humid parts of the country.

A futon with latex core is cheaper than a latex mattress, but it also has a shorter life span. It will last 8 to 12 years, while a latex mattress will last 15 to 20+ years.

Where are your organic natural mattresses and bedding products made?

All our mattresses and many of our bedding products are made at our modern New Lynn showroom factory in Auckland.

You are welcome to visit us there, where you can see and feel the materials, talk to the people who make our products and try out our range of beds, mattresses and bedding accessories.

Do we offer any Vegan friendly products?

Yes we do, many of our products can be custom made to Vegan requirements. Wool is considered not vegan as it is an animal product. We can manufacture many of our products using Tencel fibre in place of wool, with the exception of our thicker futon range. We use Tencel fibre which is reconstituted from eucalyptus trees, and has many properties similar to that of wool, offering great moisture management and breath-ability.

Where are INNATURE’s beds and furniture made?

All our beds and furniture are made at our Kelston workshop in Auckland.

What timber can I choose?

Our beds and furniture are made out of solid furniture grade timber that is sustainable and untreated:

  • Pine
  • Macrocarpa
  • Pacific Kauri
  • American Ash
  • American Oak
  • Pressed Bamboo
  • Specialised timber upon request and availability such as Heart Rimu NZ Beech

What bed sizes do you make? Can you make modifications or special designs?

We make all standard sizes and we can help you with many special requirements in regards to size, height and custom timber.

Here are the standard bed sizes for NZ.

Width (cm)Length (cm)
Single91190 / 202
King Single107203
Double137190 / 203
Super King183203


Our furniture makers are experienced in making changes to our standard products and excited to build new designs. A bed’s length can be extended for tall people and its height reduced or increased where the bed design allows.Headboard and leg designs can be changed.

We also make fully custom made slat bed frames and furniture. Discuss your ideas and plans with us!

All of our beds are made with the finest quality German clip style hardware, and arrive in kit sets.

Please, look at our Gallery of custom made designs to feel inspired.

How long will my bed and furniture last?

Your bed will last for decades if it is treated with care. The timber we use is solid and specifically selected for making beds and furniture. All frames and furniture are coated with Haarlem oil to help protect them from stains and scratches. This premium quality wood oil is made from natural renewable resources. It is a mixture of Tung that is pressed from the but of a tung tree, and vegetable turpentine extracted from a pinus tree. This oil soaks into the timber curing it with a tough durable and warm natural finish.

Our beds and furniture come with a 10 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. The joinery on slat beds comes with a lifetime warranty as we use high quality German hardware.

Why is it so important to get an organic natural mattress for my baby/child?

At INNATURE we offer a wide range of organic cot and bassinet mattresses and we are very proud of it! Our mission is to offer a natural alternative to synthetic and unhealthy mattresses, which dominate the local market. We believe that little ones deserve the safest start in life.

Conventional synthetic mattresses (foam and innerspring) are made using an array of toxic chemicals. A baby’s lungs, nervous and digestive systems are still developing and more parents are becoming aware of the negative effects these chemicals are having on the health of their children. The materials in conventional child mattresses have been linked to hyperactivity, neurobehavioral alterations, asthma, eye irritation, reproductive effects and cancer.

At INNATURE our mattresses are made from materials grown by nature and transformed using chemical free methods. Our natural bassinet and cot mattresses also offer effective spine support. We have many options; pure NZ wool, coconut fibre core, and natural latex core mattresses. They are available in medium, medium firm or firm and we suggest a visit to our shop in Auckland to have a look at our production facility and product range first hand. If you are out of town or unavailable to visit our showroom then phone in to speak with one of a sleep consultants and we will be assist you in making the right decision for your little one. (link: “How to choose the right mattress for my baby”) (link: “Which materials are used in your mattresses?”)

The combination of these materials are breathable and temperature-regulating offering a perfectly dry and safe environment in the New Zealand climate.

Natural latex is also hypoallergenic, which means bacteria, mildew, dust mites and mould can not live in latex. This is very important for newborn babies, as their immune system is not fully developed when they are born.

Last but not least our baby and child mattresses are very durable and can last up to 15 years if treated with care.

What products for babies and children do you offer at INNATURE?

We offer mattresses for bassinets and cots, a range of natural pillows, breastfeeding pillows, products for co-sleeping, duvet inners, mattress protectors, cot bumpers and bedding.

All our bassinet mattresses are organic. There are three types to choose from:

  • Coco wool mattress (firm, 50mm thick)
  • Latex wool mattress (medium firm, 50mm thick)
  • Wool mattress (medium firm, 25-30mm thick when compressed down with a hand)

Please also refer to FAQ “How to choose the right mattress for my bassinet?” (link)

Our cot mattresses are also organic. They come in three firmnesses:

  • Coco wool mattress (firm)
  • Coco latex mattress (medium firm) – the bestsetter 2018
  • Latex wool mattress (medium)

How to choose the right mattress for my baby?

One of the most important decisions you can make for the care, comfort and health of your baby is your choice in mattress. Babies and toddlers spend 10-14 hours a day sleeping and playing on a bassinet or cot mattress. Therefore, for the first few years, the mattress is the most prominent object in your baby’s environment.

Choosing the right mattress for your baby can be a challenging task – what size, what material and what firmness is right? What about mattress protectors? When to offer a pillow to the baby?

If you are buying a mattress for a bassinet, moses or cane basket with a supportive plywood bottom you can choose any of the available products. For cane baskets which have an uneven base you should choose between our Organic Coconut fibre core mattress (firm) and our Organic Latex core mattress (medium).

  • Organic Wool mattress: budget friendly option, requires a solid base to support the mattress
  • Organic Coconut fibre core mattress: Most firm option
  • Organic Latex core mattress: Most comfortable – the bestseller 2018

For larger size bassinets as Stokke or similar it is recommended to choose between Organic Coconut fibre core and Organic Latex core mattresses.

For Portacots (portable cots that fold away for easy transportation and storage) we recommend 30 or 50mm organic latex core Portacot mattresses which we custom make to meet individual customer specifications.

Babies are growing all the time so it’s vitally important that they sleep on a mattress that provides the correct degree of support for their spines. After a baby is born, the spinal cord and vertebrae of the spine are all present, but are still developing. That is the reason why we don’t offer soft mattresses for bassinets and baskets as they don’t provide enough support for the baby’s spine and do not comply with safety recommendations.

When it comes to our Coconut fibre core and Latex core mattresses you have the choice between medium and firm. A good idea is to come into our showroom and have a look at the different options before making a decision, or talk to one of our dedicated sleep consultants on the phone or via email and we will help you make the right decision for your baby.

At INNATURE we are very proud of our organic cot and bassinet mattresses and bedding range. Our mission is to offer a natural alternative to synthetic and unhealthy mattresses, that dominate the local market. We believe that little ones deserve the safest start in life.

All our mattresses are created with natural and organic materials and manufactured by hand. Feel free to visit the showroom factory where the mattresses are made to see our products first-hand. You can even meet the people making them! Rest assured that you are buying quality and a truly environmentally sound product when you invest in an INNATURE product. We care about the wellbeing and happiness of our customers and are happy to offer a “2 weeks customer satisfaction policy”

How to choose the right mattress protector for my INNATURE mattress?

Mattress protectors can be a bit tricky to choose – you wouldn’t want your baby to sleep on a sheet of plastic but you also want to protect the mattress. The question you have to ask yourself is: Is your priority to protect the baby or do you want to protect the mattress? At INNATURE we offer a few options:

  • NZ Eco-wool quilted in organic cotton with elastic on the corners. A protector that covers the whole mattress, designed to protect the mattress from small nappy leaks and offers a cozy feeling. It has hand wash only care instructions. New Zealand made.
  • “DRI-COT” – made with a special weave of 100% NZ wool, this traditional mattress protector is treated with natural lanolin for moisture protection. This product performs extremely well for many years with the correct care. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your baby is sleeping on a natural fibre rather than plastic! It is important to only hand rinse this product in warm water and to not use in conjunction with any vinyl/plastic sheeting as this causes condensation and will have an adverse effect on water proofing. DRI-COt comes in bassinet and cot sizes, and is designed to cover the main affected area of the mattress, as opposed to the entire mattress.
  • DryLife® Baby Deluxe Cot Mattress Topper/Protector with a 100% Eucalyptus fibre fill and cotton outer fabric. Drylife® bedware Products have been independently assessed by Asthma New Zealand and accepted into their “Breathe Easy” Programme- Helping New Zealanders living with asthma. Machine washable.

How to choose the right mattress for my child?

I don’t live close to your shop. How can I choose a mattress?

We recommend giving us a call  to discuss your preferences and circumstances. Our sleep consultants will offer you expert advice, assisting you with the challenging task of choosing the correct mattress. Your new mattress will offer you up to 20 plus years of comfort and support, so we want you to make the right decision for your body and joints. When it comes to choosing the right firmness, it is important to take into consideration how comfortable you feel with your current mattress, what your body type is and your preferred sleeping position.

You can also order a sample pack (insert link) from us to help you decide which firmness to choose.

How can I make an order?

You can order at our showroom or from the comfort of your home

Visit our showroom

Our showroom address is

34C Portage Road

New Lynn


Click here for a map.

We are open

Monday to Friday: 10am – 5pm

Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Outside these times we can meet you by appointment.

From home

You can place an order through our website, by phone or email (links). On our website, you can add products to your cart or chat directly to a customer representative via the orange message field at the bottom right corner.

Free Call: 0508 466 288 (link to function)

Phone: 09 838 0087

Email: info@INNATURE.co.nz

Bank account number for orders could be added to the Checkout page, at the Direct Bank Transfer section.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all our products New Zealand wide. For smaller items, we use courier services. Beds and mattresses are usually sent with furniture moving companies for destinations outside Auckland. We can deliver personally within or near Auckland and include assembling services with your bed order. We also offer to remove your old mattress free of charge. If your bed is sent with a furniture mover or you intent to pick it up yourself, we will provide you with assembling instructions.

We are happy to send smaller items internationally, where custom procedures and freight costs are sensible.

How long will it take for me to get my order?

If the mattress of your choice is in stock we can freight or deliver it to you as soon as we receive payment. If it is not in stock, it will take 4-10 working days to manufacture.

For a bed frame, please allow 1 – 4 weeks manufacturing time. Simple designs such as Zen, Gypsy, Vida and Lida can be made in 1 – 2 weeks; other designs may take up to 4 weeks.

Goods that are freighted nationwide are sent by a furniture moving or freight company to avoid damage. Please allow an additional 5 to 10 working days for North Island deliveries and 1 to 2 weeks for South Island deliveries.

14 days customer comfort exchange policy. What does that mean?

Yes, we offer the possibility to try the comfort of your mattress at home where you have more time than in a showroom to confirm you made the right choice. This is also a great option for customers from other cities who are unable to visit our showroom in Auckland. If you are not satisfied with the choice of firmness of your mattress, please talk to us, as we are happy to exchange the mattress core to different firmness.

Terms and conditions of our 14 day customer comfort exchange policy:

This policy applies to mattresses of standard NZ sizes and does not extend to custom made orders with special sizes and shapes.

The choice of firmness of the new mattress core must be discussed and agreed to by INNATURE.

If the new mattress core is more expensive than the core of your initial choice, you will need to cover the difference. If it is cheaper, we will offer you additional items to compensate the difference (such as a set of natural pillows or a mattress protector).

INNATURE does not cover the costs of transport to our facilities and back to your home.

What warranty or guarantee does INNATURE provide for my organic natural mattress and bed?

At INNATURE, we stand behind the quality of our products and are proud to offer a warranty on all our beds, mattresses and furniture.

Warranty covers craftsmanship and performance of the materials.

  • Organic Natural Latex Mattresses: 10 years
  • Organic Futon Mattresses: 5 years
  • Solid Timber Beds: 10 years. The joinery on slat beds comes with a lifetime warranty as we use quality German Hardware
  • Furniture: 10 years
  • Cot mattress: 2 years

Warranty terms and conditions:

During these warranty periods, INNATURE will repair or replace items with faults on materials and craftsmanship.

Warranty does not extend to:

  • Matters of fair wear and tear. For all mattresses, a certain loss of thickness over time is considered normal, especially in futons. This is not a manufacturing fault. Heavy weight or uneven weight distribution might cause greater or uneven wear patterns. Whether this qualifies as a manufacturing fault or not will be determined by INNATURE.
  • Products for which care and maintenance instructions were not followed (e.g. mouldy patches on a mattress or futon). Mould does not belong to the mattress – it is a part of environment.
  • Faults caused by wilful or accidental damage or neglect, which also may happen in your personal transportation.
  • Cases where our mattresses or futons were used on a bed base that is sagging or non-supportive (bad quality or old flexible slats) and has either excessive gaps between slats or provides too little or no opportunity for airflow and does not offer even support to the mattress.
  • Natural compression of fibres that will occur over time

In the event of a fault, INNATURE will refund the transport costs to our factory and pay for transport back to you.

Organic Mattresses and futons

When do I need a new mattress?

he best person to tell you if you need a new mattress is none other than yourself. Here’s a checklist of questions:

  • Is your mattress more than 8 years old? (this doesn’t apply to InNature mattresses)
  • Are you still feeling comfortable with your current mattress?
  • Do you wake up feeling all kinds of aches and pain in your body?
  • Do you wake up tired, rather than rejuvenated?
  • Does your body have numbness in the shoulder area when you wake up?
  • Do you feel pain in your hip or your low back when you wake up?
  • Do you have trouble getting to sleep because of too much fidgeting in bed?
  • Does your mattress have lumps? An uneven surface? Holes? Torn stitching? Do you feel the springs?
  • Are you becoming more and more allergic?
  • Are you bothered when your partner moves on the bed?

These questions may help you determine whether or not it’s time for a replacement.

How to choose a mattress?

The most important criteria when shopping for a mattress are comfort, health, quality and support. The level of comfort or firmness of a mattress should be chosen depending on a person’s age, body type, sleeping position, personal preference and on specific medical advice you may have received.

Please be aware that a firmer mattress is not always better for the back and a softer mattress is not always more comfortable. Older people generally need a softer mattress due to the body not being as elastic and due to a decrease in blood circulation. For people who are predominantly stomach and back sleepers, we recommend a firmer mattress  – “SPINE HEALTH” or “BALANCE” because their weight is distributed evenly over the mattress. Side sleepers generally need a softer mattress  – “COMFI” or “CLOUD” as they have the weight of their hips and shoulders directly on the mattress. This creates pressure zones which can limit circulation and cause pain and discomfort if too firm a mattress is used.

You are welcome to visit our showroom factory where the mattresses are made and try our products first-hand. You can even meet the people making them. We fully stand behind the quality of our products. All our mattresses and furniture come with a warranty. Rest assured that you are buying quality, a truly health promoting and environmentally sound product when you invest in an INNATURE bed and mattress.

We suggest you buy from a trader who allows you to try your bed and mattress at home where you have more time than in a showroom to confirm you made the right choice. At INNATURE, we offer a 14 day customer comfort exchange policy.

Do I need a slat base for my INNATURE mattress? Which type of slat system is best?

It is important to use a slat system under your natural mattress so it can air sufficiently, providing effective moisture management and keeping your mattress dry. We recommend solid slats because our mattresses are designed and made to give you the correct support from the mattress itself. Our mattresses can be used on flexi-slats however we do not recommend this slat system because they can affect your postural support, and are also typically treated with a non-breathable vinyl coating. The right choice of a natural mattress will provide you with all the postural support needed. Extra flexibility coming from slats is not necessary and can cause our natural mattresses to sag.

If you have a flexi-slat system, you may want to test if it provides too much give under your natural mattress. You can simply compare the difference by trying your mattress on the solid ground. If you do feel a sag on the slats, we recommend you change them to solid slats. We can custom build a solid slat system for your frame..You should also ensure that your flexi slats are in good condition and that none of them are worn or uneven.

How do I properly care for my INNATURE mattress?

Care requirements are different for futons and natural mattresses. Both types of mattresses need to be placed on a slat system so they can breathe.

For all INNATURE Organic Latex mattresses, we recommend you rotate it upside down and end to end every 2-4 weeks. This will ensure more even wear and a prolonged life of your mattress.

Futons need to be turned and aired more often than natural mattresses. They require turning at least once a 2 weeks, depending on humidity levels in your house. Turning your mattress upside down and from end to end will ensure the most even usage.

The cotton and wool in a futon condense naturally over time and gradually your mattress will become firmer. Regular turning will maintain the loft for longer. Putting your futon in the sun for a few hours will also enhance its loft. Please make sure it is not rained on.

Reconditioning a futon is a quick and inexpensive option to bring back a softer feel. We usually do that by supplementing your mattress with extra cotton or wool. Sometimes, a new cover is required.

You can protect your mattress with a Organic woolen INNATURE mattress protector or 100% natural washable Tencel filled protector that can be removed and washed.

How do I clean my INNATURE mattress?

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently scrape or absorb any liquid from the surface of the fabric. For removing stains, use a slightly damp cloth. Never soak the mattress. Liquid dish soap and baking soda helps.

How long do organic natural mattresses and futons last?

INNATURE Natural Mattresses are the most durable and can last for up to 20+ years, whereas futons will last between 8 and 12 years. Different factors (weight of the sleeper(s), proper care, frequent rotating, regular airing of the futon, etc.) can make a mattress or futon last more or less time than this.

What mattress sizes do you make? Can you make unconventional shapes? What about bedding?

We manufacture our mattresses and many bedding products in our workshop. We make all standard sizes and we can help you with most special requirements regarding size, shape and filling.

Here are the standard mattress sizes for NZ.

Width (cm)Length (cm)
Single91190 / 202
King Single107202
Double137190 / 203
Super King183203

We are often asked to make custom mattresses. A mattress can be made softer or firmer than our standard range, or in a special thickness. We can make special shapes that are often requested for boats, bassinets, motorhomes, tiny houses, bassinets and cots. This includes oval mattresses, mattresses to suit V-Berths, rounded end island beds and odd shaped cut outs. Link to boat mattress page

Please be aware that we cannot offer our 14 day exchange policy for custom made orders. It is possible only in some cases.

Can my organic natural mattress be restored?

Yes, we sometimes restore mattresses. For example, we renew futons by adding wadding of cotton and wool to bring back its loft, or we replace the cover of a mattress. Please contact one of our sleep specialists and we will guide you through the process.

Bed frames, bed bases and furniture

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