At the heart of INNATURE, we are team of experienced craftsmen who love to work together, and who care for the health of people and of our planet. Having been involved in natural bedding production since 1998, Sukhita and Natalia Derova founded INNATURE in 2006.

Back then, we started a small production of Organic Natural mattresses for newborns in our garage. We wanted to offer a healthy alternative to toxic and synthetic mattresses, which were dominating the local market. But the babies who slept on our healthy mattresses grew and soon we were asked to make Organic Single mattresses and Organic bedding.

Furthermore, their parents wanted quality Organic Natural mattresses as well as natural beds and furniture made from solid timber for themselvesThey also appreciated that these quality products were reasonably priced and made in NZ.

Sukhita Derova - Innature


We embraced the opportunity and developed the production of a wider range of sleeping gear:

  •  For Babies: Organic Baby Mattresses & Organic Bedding for bassinets and cots
  • For Kids:  Organic Kids’ Mattresses, Slat Bed Frames & Bedding, Pillows
  • For You:  Organic Latex and Coco Latex Mattresses in a variety of firmnesses, Designed Solid Timber Slat Bed Frames and Bases, Organic bedding and Pillows, Futon Mattresses and foldable Sofa Beds, Quality Bedroom Furniture (side tables, chests of drawers)

Over the years, we moved to bigger and bigger premises and now we have a beautiful spacious INNATURE showroom/factory in New Lynn, West Auckland, as well as a woodwork factory in Glen Eden, West Auckland. We continue to thrive and evolve as a family owned and operated business and keep employing more people. Now we are very International team of three Kiwis and three Germans, two Ethiopians and two Russians.

We combine Ancient handcrafts and European quality standards with the very best natural, organic, sustainable and biodegradable materials to create a range of high quality products.

We offer customers the possibility to make the bedroom their individual and unique place of deep rest, beauty and well being. We meet people from all walks of life, and all are different in their requirements.

We love sharing our knowledge and customising our/your designs to help make each bedroom a place of ‘pure rest’. It is our pleasure to offer this personalised approach with careful attention to details.

We sell our products directly to customers to offer high quality at the best price. We will organise convenient and affordable delivery to your home. As we work with a number of furniture moving and transport companies and we pass the commercial rates we receive from them on to you.

We are proud of our excellent quality, long lasting, healthy beds and sleeping gear. Every customer receives a “2 weeks customer satisfaction” trial period. Our aim is that you are happy with your purchase and will recommend our company to your family and friends as “word of mouth” is a truly kiwi trusted marketing strategy.

INNATURE is an ethical business – we are nature, so what is good for people, is good for our planet and vice versa. We also have “no waste” practices in our factories: we recycle all off cuts of our natural materials and timber and re-use the plastic we received in our packaging.

Visit our workshop and showroom in Auckland:

34C Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland, or email or call us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Warmly, Sukhita and Natalia Derova

production process, INNATURE office
100% sustainable and biodegradable