7 Smart Ways To Have a Fulfilled Sleep As a New Parent

, 7 Smart Ways To Have a Fulfilled Sleep As a New Parent, INNATURE

Are you having troubles and insufficient sleep on your new journey into parenthood?

Guest Blog with work from home Dad Mo Mulla

Are you having troubles and insufficient sleep on your new journey into parenthood? This beautiful milestone comes along with certain challenges, like having incomplete sleep.

In fact, studies show that many parents struggle with sleep, especially during the first few months after the birth of their baby. Sleep deprivation could be fatal and limit your capacity as a good parent.

Enough and healthy sleep as a parent ensures you are up to the task to fulfil these new responsibilities and enjoy parenting.

Can you do anything to improve this situation? Yes, absolutely. There are solutions to this, and we are here to keep you educated.

7 Smart Ways To Have a Fulfilled Sleep As a New Parent

  1. Sleep When The Baby Sleeps
    Try to get some rest every time your baby is not active. Relying only on overnight sleep may not be enough for you. Babies wake up frequently at night and this may keep you awake longer. Whenever the baby takes a nap, put everything aside and try as much as possible to get some sleep. Leave everything aside, dirty laundry, undone dishes, they can wait. Prioritize your sleep first.
  2.  Have A Sleep Conducive Environment As rare as you may get those sleeping opportunities, ensure your environment is suited for sleep. As it mentions on Innature.co.nz, you need to find the right bed that keeps you comfortable and supports your sleep. Keep your room dark and quiet to avoid distractions. Avoid foods or drinks, energy drinks, and coffee, that will keep you active close to bedtime.
  3. Share Duties With Your Partner If possible, work out a schedule with your partner that takes the whole burden from you. Split out feeding, diaper change, and other baby duties. For instance, one of you can watch the baby as the other takes a rest or attends to other chores. While one partner is doing other chores, breastfeeding moms can pump breast milk into a bottle. In the future, your spouse can feed the baby from the bottle as the mom takes a nap.
  4. Don’t Sleep In The Same Bed With The Baby Sharing the same bed with babies may sound loving and affectionate, but simply don’t. It’s okay to keep them in bed with you for comfort and nursing but it’s really important you return them to their crib when they fall asleep. Give babies some time to comfort themselves to sleep. Things like having unique or special baby crib toys can help. By learning to sleep on their own they establish good sleeping patterns. In turn, parents get to have good sleep. Keep the baby’s crib close to your bed. It will be easier for you to tend and keep a close eye on them.
  5. Ask And Learn To Ask For Help Don’t be shy to ask for help from those close to you. Friends, family members, and relatives can help you around the house. Someone can help you pick the grocery, tidy around and even watch the baby as you take a nap. Kindly ask for help and they will be happy to help.
  6.  Limit Your Social Life Utilize the extra moments you get for yourself. Take short naps instead of going out with friends. When close people to you visit, don’t offer to be the host. Warmly ask them to watch the baby as you take a nap. Engage them in dutiful activities around your home.
  7. Keep Away From Electronic Devices Phones and television will keep you awake. Avoid screen time before bed and keep electronic devices far from your bed. They will keep you distracted instead of falling asleep.Caring and tending to children will keep you weary, and you might find yourself dozing off at all times. But it is not always the case. If you are having trouble sleeping make sure your environment is suited for sleeping. If you think you are having sleep problems, always consult a doctor. They may find underlying sleep disorders that can be treated.

Healthy adequate sleep will help you give the best care to kids. The above 7 smart ways will help you as a new parent have a fulfilling sleep. Adequate sleep will ease your journey as you begin parenthood.

Mo Mulla

is a work from home dad who enjoys reading and listening to music. He loves being a dad and husband to a growing family. He loves writing about his passions and hopes to change the world, 1 blog post at a time! You can find his parenting blog here: www.ParentalQuestions.com