Do I need a new mattress? How do I find the right one?

Do I need a new mattress? And how do I find the right one?

The balance of comfort and support

When you get up in the morning, is your body aching? Maybe you don’t feel fitter, but on the contrary,  more weary and tense than the evening before? This definitely shouldn’t be the case, your body and mind need a good nights’ sleep and rest to perform well the next day.

For the best night sleep possible, you need to find a sleeping arrangement which balances your needs of support on the one hand and comfort on the other hand. How you do that, we are gonna find out in this article!

If you’re reading this, the chances are very high you’re not happy with your current bed situation. The first question you have to ask yourself is, is it your bed frame, especially your slats, is it your mattress, or is it the combination of both, which stops you from getting the good sleep you want?

For all our mattresses we’re recommending a bed base with solid timber slats, to give your mattress a stable base and a good air circulation.

Has your mattress seen too many nights?

Do you see your body indentation, when you leave the bed in the morning? If yes, it could be a sign, your mattress is sagging – and thereby prevent yourself from a good and healthy nights’ sleep! Sagging mostly occurs in the middle of a mattress and mostly is a sign, your mattress may have seen too many nights – and you need a new one. It is to mention, a little body impression in the morning on your mattress is completely normal and isn’t the same as “sagging” – you hopefully slept at least 8 hours on it, which naturally changes the outlook of every material, synthetic ones and natural ones. Also the age of your mattress, the materials and your bodyweight are going to influence, how much you will sink in your mattress, as well as the firmness you chose – physical laws are at work, even when we are sleeping ;).

Which firmness do you prefer?

Our Natural Organic Latex mattresses come in different firmnesses for you to choose from, based on your weight, your sleeping position, as well as the pillow you use and your preference of density or firmness.

Our design of the mattresses incorporates the use of a variety of comfort layers, just as coconut fibre (sustainable sourced in Sri Lanka) in our “Spine Health” variation, New Zealand wool from the South Island and cotton from Australia in all of our mattresses.

As all foams, Latex will soften with use and time. This settling is not a structural or design defect, but an expected result. Compressions or nestings of less than 3cm to 4cm should not be considered or confused with sagging of your mattress. Slight body impressions are a normal phenomena of your body’s preferred comfort zone, or sleep position, during your sleep and are not an indication that the components of the mattress are breaking down. This does not impair the quality, functionality or durability of your mattress, but if the visible comfort zone is a concern for you, every mattress of us is double sided, that means, you can enjoy a good nights’ sleep from both sides! Flip your mattress and rotate it to delay sights of indentations. If you do so, our mattresses are going to last 15 to 20 years, giving you an optimal support of your body throughout all the years!

Firmness and softness of a mattress can be really objective. Just because we are calling one of our mattresses “soft”, doesn’t have to mean, you think it’s soft at all. All our written advice is generalized and may not meet your personal requirements. With this said, here is a short overview of our mattresses:

FirmnessFirmMediumMedium softSoft
Density of latex core80-85kg/m380-85kg/m375kg/m365kg/m3
Materials- 75mm of rubberised Natural Latex Coconut fibre coir
- 70mm of Organic Natural Latex in Medium density
- 500gsm of organic NZ wool*
- quilted topper out of Organic cotton (45%) and Hemp (55%) fabric and 500gsm Organic NZ carded wool*
- 150mm Organic Natural Latex core
- 500gsm of organic NZ wool*
- quilted topper out of Organic cotton (45%) and Hemp (55%) fabric and 500gsm Organic NZ carded wool*
- 150mm Organic Natural Latex core
- 500gsm of organic NZ wool*
- quilted topper out of Organic cotton (45%) and Hemp (55%) fabric and 500gsm Organic NZ carded wool*
- 150mm Organic Natural Latex core
- 500gsm of organic NZ wool*
- quilted topper out of Organic cotton (45%) and Hemp (55%) fabric and 500gsm Organic NZ carded wool*
Main featureCoconut fibre coir, which creates a firm feeling for a great support of your lower back.Well supporting. Allows good spine alignment with a firm-ish feeling.Accommodating give with good contour support for your shoulder and hip. Excellent pressure point relief.Minimum impact on sensitive pressure points you may have.

* In all our mattresses wool can be exchanged for tencel fibre from the Eucalyptus tree. Our “AWAKEN” wool free and vegan mattresses are 100% plant based and come in the same firmnesses than our woolen ones.

100% Natural Organic Latex Mattresses

Which sleeping position do you like best?

Most adults have a preferred sleeping position. It can be the pose you choose in the evening to get yourself comfortable, or the one pose you wake up in nearly every morning. Nearly everyone is changing their sleep position during the night, most of us changing from 11 to 20 times in a 8- hour sleep period (National Sleep Foundation 2016). This is the reason, we extended the range of sleeping position from the classic side-sleeper, back-sleeper or belly-sleeper to combinations of those.
Please keep in mind, this chart is a suggestion only. Your age, your weight and your firmness preference have to be included in your choice individually. In general it can be said, the older you are, the more softness you like.

Side Sleeper
Back Sleeper
Side/Back Sleeper
Back/Side/Belly Sleeper

Hopefully this article could point you in a direction, which mattress is best for you. Not sure yet? Book a free sleep consultation with one of our experts or call us on 0508 466 288 or 09 838 0087.

If you’re living in Auckland, come to our showroom in New Lynn and test the mattresses out by yourself! Everyone deserves to get a good night sleep, at INNATURE we try to make this possible.


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