What warranty or guarantee does INNATURE provide for my organic natural mattress and bed?

At INNATURE, we stand behind the quality of our products and are proud to offer a warranty on all our beds, mattresses and furniture.

Warranty covers craftsmanship and performance of the materials.

  • Organic Natural Latex Mattresses: 10 years
  • Organic Futon Mattresses: 5 years
  • Solid Timber Beds: 10 years. The joinery on slat beds comes with a lifetime warranty as we use quality German Hardware
  • Furniture: 10 years
  • Cot mattress: 2 years

Warranty terms and conditions:

During these warranty periods, INNATURE will repair or replace items with faults on materials and craftsmanship.

Warranty does not extend to:

  • Matters of fair wear and tear. For all mattresses, a certain loss of thickness over time is considered normal, especially in futons. This is not a manufacturing fault. Heavy weight or uneven weight distribution might cause greater or uneven wear patterns. Whether this qualifies as a manufacturing fault or not will be determined by INNATURE.
  • Products for which care and maintenance instructions were not followed (e.g. mouldy patches on a mattress or futon). Mould does not belong to the mattress – it is a part of environment.
  • Faults caused by wilful or accidental damage or neglect, which also may happen in your personal transportation.
  • Cases where our mattresses or futons were used on a bed base that is sagging or non-supportive (bad quality or flexible slats) and has either excessive gaps between slats or provides too little or no opportunity for airflow and does not offer even support to the mattress.
  • Our strong recommendation is to place INNATURE futon or Latex mattresses on solid timber slats. If you have a bed base with a flexible slats system we recommend it to be changed to solid slats prior placing your new INNATURE  mattress on existing bed frame. We can assist you in this upgrade. Please, watch this video: https://www.facebook.com/176996591914/videos/10153985206976915
  • Natural compression of fibres that will occur over time and body impressions are natural occurrence

In the event of a fault, INNATURE will refund the transport costs to our factory and pay for transport back to you.