What products for babies and children do you offer at INNATURE?

We offer mattresses for bassinets and cots, a range of natural pillows, breastfeeding pillows, products for co-sleeping, duvet inners, mattress protectors, cot bumpers and bedding.

All our bassinet mattresses are organic. There are three types to choose from:

  • Coco wool mattress (firm, 50mm thick)
  • Latex wool mattress (medium firm, 50mm thick)
  • Wool mattress (medium firm, 25-30mm thick when compressed down with a hand)

Please also refer to FAQ “How to choose the right mattress for my bassinet?” (link)

Our cot mattresses are also organic. They come in three firmnesses:

  • Coco wool mattress (firm)
  • Coco latex mattress (medium firm) – the bestsetter 2018
  • Latex wool mattress (medium)