Do I need a slat base for my INNATURE mattress? Which type of slat system is best?

It is important to use a slat system under your natural mattress so it can air sufficiently, providing effective moisture management and keeping your mattress dry. We recommend solid slats because our mattresses are designed and made to give you the correct support from the mattress itself. Our mattresses can be used on flexi-slats however we do not recommend this slat system because they can affect your postural support, and are also typically treated with a non-breathable vinyl coating. The right choice of a natural mattress will provide you with all the postural support needed. Extra flexibility coming from slats is not necessary and can cause our natural mattresses to sag.

If you have a flexi-slat system, you may want to test if it provides too much give under your natural mattress. You can simply compare the difference by trying your mattress on the solid ground. If you do feel a sag on the slats, we recommend you change them to solid slats. We can custom build a solid slat system for your frame..You should also ensure that your flexi slats are in good condition and that none of them are worn or uneven.