When do I need a new mattress?

he best person to tell you if you need a new mattress is none other than yourself. Here’s a checklist of questions:

  • Is your mattress more than 8 years old? (this doesn’t apply to InNature mattresses)
  • Are you still feeling comfortable with your current mattress?
  • Do you wake up feeling all kinds of aches and pain in your body?
  • Do you wake up tired, rather than rejuvenated?
  • Does your body have numbness in the shoulder area when you wake up?
  • Do you feel pain in your hip or your low back when you wake up?
  • Do you have trouble getting to sleep because of too much fidgeting in bed?
  • Does your mattress have lumps? An uneven surface? Holes? Torn stitching? Do you feel the springs?
  • Are you becoming more and more allergic?
  • Are you bothered when your partner moves on the bed?

These questions may help you determine whether or not it’s time for a replacement.