Why is it so important to get an organic natural mattress for my baby/child?

At INNATURE we offer a wide range of organic cot and bassinet mattresses and we are very proud of it! Our mission is to offer a natural alternative to synthetic and unhealthy mattresses, which dominate the local market. We believe that little ones deserve the safest start in life.

Conventional synthetic mattresses (foam and innerspring) are made using an array of toxic chemicals. A baby’s lungs, nervous and digestive systems are still developing and more parents are becoming aware of the negative effects these chemicals are having on the health of their children. The materials in conventional child mattresses have been linked to hyperactivity, neurobehavioral alterations, asthma, eye irritation, reproductive effects and cancer.

At INNATURE our mattresses are made from materials grown by nature and transformed using chemical free methods. Our natural bassinet and cot mattresses also offer effective spine support. We have many options; pure NZ wool, coconut fibre core, and natural latex core mattresses. They are available in medium, medium firm or firm and we suggest a visit to our shop in Auckland to have a look at our production facility and product range first hand. If you are out of town or unavailable to visit our showroom then phone in to speak with one of a sleep consultants and we will be assist you in making the right decision for your little one. (link: “How to choose the right mattress for my baby”) (link: “Which materials are used in your mattresses?”)

The combination of these materials are breathable and temperature-regulating offering a perfectly dry and safe environment in the New Zealand climate.

Natural latex is also hypoallergenic, which means bacteria, mildew, dust mites and mould can not live in latex. This is very important for newborn babies, as their immune system is not fully developed when they are born.

Last but not least our baby and child mattresses are very durable and can last up to 15 years if treated with care.