How to choose a mattress?

The most important criteria when shopping for a mattress are comfort, health, quality and support. The level of comfort or firmness of a mattress should be chosen depending on a person’s age, body type, sleeping position, personal preference and on specific medical advice you may have received.

Please be aware that a firmer mattress is not always better for the back and a softer mattress is not always more comfortable. Older people generally need a softer mattress due to the body not being as elastic and due to a decrease in blood circulation. For people who are predominantly stomach and back sleepers, we recommend a firmer mattress  – “SPINE HEALTH” or “BALANCE” because their weight is distributed evenly over the mattress. Side sleepers generally need a softer mattress  – “COMFI” or “CLOUD” as they have the weight of their hips and shoulders directly on the mattress. This creates pressure zones which can limit circulation and cause pain and discomfort if too firm a mattress is used.

You are welcome to visit our showroom factory where the mattresses are made and try our products first-hand. You can even meet the people making them. We fully stand behind the quality of our products. All our mattresses and furniture come with a warranty. Rest assured that you are buying quality, a truly health promoting and environmentally sound product when you invest in an INNATURE bed and mattress.

We suggest you buy from a trader who allows you to try your bed and mattress at home where you have more time than in a showroom to confirm you made the right choice. At INNATURE, we offer a 14 day customer comfort exchange policy.