What are the health benefits of organic natural mattresses and beds?

Natural beds and mattresses offer a variety of health benefits: The materials neither contain unhealthy chemicals nor will create electromagnetic fields, which are some of the issues that are associated with conventional beds. Furthermore, natural mattresses provide excellent postural support and a hypoallergenic sleeping environment. Natural latex mattresses offer unimpeded blood circulation keeping your circulatory system healthy while you sleep.

Free from unhealthy chemicals

natural beds and mattresses are made from materials grown in nature. No chemicals are  added to improve the properties of a natural mattress and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process (link to materials section). Conventional mattresses, on the other hand, are usually made using an array of toxic chemicals. One can smell the off-gassing of a new conventional mattress. This smell comes from chemicals that are off-gassing into the air. A person sleeping on this mattress will breathe in these chemicals over many hours, furthermore your skin is your largest breathing organ that absorbs the chemicals with which it comes into contact.  With a natural mattress you will have the peace of mind to breathe clean air during your sleep.

INNATURE Organic Natural mattresses contain no metal elements and thus produce no electromagnetic fields. Springs and coils in synthetic mattresses act as antenna enhancing harmful wavelengths affecting your body, your energy field and your sleep. Long term exposure may exacerbate existing health problems and has been associated with conditions such as fatigue, irritability, sleep disorders, hyperactivity, and emotional stress.

Excellent postural support

Latex is the main material in most of our natural mattresses, and is nature’s gift. It is superior in its point elasticity and resilience compared to the materials used in mainstream mattresses such as foam and springs. This means that latex instantly forms a pressure relieving cradle that takes on the exact shape of the body when in use. Orthopaedic doctors and chiropractors often recommend latex beds because they can ease a variety of aches and pains. The high point elasticity of latex means that the wider area of the latex sheet is not affected when compressed at a point, preventing partner roll together and helping to minimise partner disturbance. Latex supports the more recessed parts of the body that have larger gaps which need to be filled in and supported (such as the lumbar area). It also has the ability to be soft and comforting when initially compressed and then to become firmer when compressed more deeply.  The upper softness of latex forms the pressure relieving cradle while the deeper firmness provides excellent support (the ability to prevent heavier parts of your body from sinking too far) and keep your spine aligned. Latex adjusts to different sleeping positions, body weights, and body profiles as you change position in your sleep. Specialists consider latex to be an ideal mattress material because of the many above mentioned advantages.


Natural latex mattresses have incredible moisture management, and are considered to be one of the most comfortable sleeping options on the market. This is due to the supportive yet cushy feeling offered by the properties of the amazing natural product. Wool keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. A natural latex mattress is perfect for someone with painful joints, back sleepers or side sleepers. A latex mattress effectively spreads load horizontally resulting in an all round supported yet comfortable feeling.

Hypoallergenic sleeping environment

Natural mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and other creatures that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. The materials used in INNATURE natural mattresses – latex, wool and coconut fibre – have excellent moisture management abilities to keep your mattress dry which is especially useful in a humid environment. Mould thrives in a damp environment and thus cannot live in a natural mattress. Dust mites feed off skin and only live on the surface of a mattress, meanwhile latex also acts as a dust mite retarder because it is harvested from the sap of a rubber tree, that is grown by nature to discourage harmful insect activity. The molecular structure of the latex discourages insect population.