What is the difference between a natural latex mattress and a futon mattress with a latex core?

Both products are natural mattresses and should be used on a solid slat system. The two mattresses differ in the choice of materials,their construction, duration of comfort, maintenance requirements, lifespan, level of support, and price.

An INNATURE 15cm thick Organic Premium Latex futon mattress is made of alternating layers of cotton and wool with a 50mm latex core. Moreover INNATURE Latex mattresses have a much thicker latex core -150mm and one layer of wool around the latex core for extra moisture management, plus another layer of wool is quilted in the outer top and bottom cover. Latex mattresses have no cotton wadding.

A futon has one Organic cotton and hemp fabric cover. It is stitched to hold the inner layers in place. A latex mattress has a stitched inner cover to keep the organic latex core and wool together and an outer cover that is quilted with wool for extra comfort. The outer cover of the latex mattress is made from strong fabric and comes with handles. A latex mattress will not change its level of comfort for a very long time as latex is durable and maintains its shape and bounce. A futon, however, which is mostly made of cotton and wool layers, will compress over time. A futon with a latex core will provide comfort for longer than one without latex, because the bounce of the latex slows down the compression process. Our latex layers/mattress cores are available in different levels of firmness, providing varying support options in our latex mattress range. This flexibility is not available with our futons as the cotton and wool do not function in this way. Our premium futon with a latex core is a medium firm mattress and is the softest of the futon range.

Since cotton can hold some moisture, a futon requires more maintenance than a latex mattress. It needs to be flipped and aired more frequently to make sure it stays dry. This is especially important in the humid parts of the country.

A futon with latex core is cheaper than a latex mattress, but it also has a shorter life span. It will last 8 to 12 years, while a latex mattress will last 15 to 20+ years.