How do I properly care for my INNATURE mattress?

Care requirements are different for futons and natural mattresses. Both types of mattresses need to be placed on a slat system so they can breathe.

For all INNATURE Organic Latex mattresses, we recommend you rotate it upside down and end to end every 2-4 weeks. This will ensure more even wear and a prolonged life of your mattress.

Futons need to be turned and aired more often than natural mattresses. They require turning at least once a 2 weeks, depending on humidity levels in your house. Turning your mattress upside down and from end to end will ensure the most even usage.

The cotton and wool in a futon condense naturally over time and gradually your mattress will become firmer. Regular turning will maintain the loft for longer. Putting your futon in the sun for a few hours will also enhance its loft. Please make sure it is not rained on.

Reconditioning a futon is a quick and inexpensive option to bring back a softer feel. We usually do that by supplementing your mattress with extra cotton or wool. Sometimes, a new cover is required.

You can protect your mattress with a Organic woolen INNATURE mattress protector or 100% natural washable Tencel filled protector that can be removed and washed.