14 days customer comfort exchange policy.

Yes, we offer the possibility to try the comfort of your mattress at home where you have more time than in a showroom to confirm you made the right choice. This is also a great option for customers from other cities who are unable to visit our showroom in Auckland. If you are not satisfied with the choice of firmness of your mattress, please talk to us, as we are happy to exchange the mattress core to different firmness.

Terms and conditions of our 14 day customer comfort exchange policy:

This policy applies to mattresses of standard NZ sizes and does not extend to custom made orders with special sizes and shapes.

The choice of firmness of the new mattress core must be discussed and agreed to by INNATURE.

If the new mattress core is more expensive than the core of your initial choice, you will need to cover the difference. If it is cheaper, we will offer you additional items to compensate the difference (such as a set of natural pillows or a mattress protector).

INNATURE does not cover the costs of transport to our facilities and back to your home.