What’s most important for a child’s mattress?

child mattress

What is the No 1 most Important Quality in a MATTRESS FOR GROWING KIDS?

Being snuggled up in bed feeling warm, safe and nurtured is a deep delight for children. As parents and caregivers, we want to create the best possible sleeping environment for our kids, for their health and well-being as they grow and develop – a natural expression of the huge love we have for them.

What is most important for a healthy, good sleep for your children?

The most important decision you can make for the care, comfort and health of a childs’ sleep is your choice of mattress. Children can spend 10-14 hours a day sleeping, making a mattress the most important object in the child’s environment.

A supportive mattress is especially important for children

The No.1 most important quality for a children’s mattress is support for healthy spine development.
A child’s spine is still developing and needs the best possible support..’ When it comes to sleeping, what matters for a child’s spine is support,’ says Dr Bergby. ‘Both their spine and neck have to be in a neutral position, which minimises stress and allows the spine to grow without any restrictions. A child’s spine can grow as much as 1.5cm during the night, which mainly comes from the intervertebral discs in between their vertebrae filling up with water. So the mattress has to be comfortable, yet firm enough to prevent them from completely sinking into it.”

INNATURE has Organic Latex mattresses for you which are very supportive and comfortable. Our children’s and teenager’s Mattresses and Beds are an ideal option for right spine development of your child.

Other important factors in a healthy sleep for children:

  • No Nasties The healthiest mattress for children should be free from toxic chemicals, and free from electromagnetic stress, which is common with inner sprung and synthetic mattresses. Long term exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields may exacerbate existing health problems and has been associated with conditions such as fatigue, irritability, sleep disorders, hyperactivity and emotional disorders.
    > INNATURE mattresses are handmade, using natural methods and materials which do not use plastics, adhesives, solvents, flame-retardants, or formaldehyde.
  • Hypoallergenic. Often Children’s allergy and respiratory problems are caused by chemical toxins or pesticides that are incorporated in conventional mattress manufacturing processes.
    > Choose instead an INNATURE Natural organic latex mattress which is pesticide-free, chemical-free and therefore hypoallergenic. Natural mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and other creatures that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma.
  • Adequate air flow and temperature control. It is essential for the quality of a child’s sleep that their mattress has excellent air circulation and temperature regulation properties that you can feel comfortable and relax and don’t have the feeling of being “cooked” by the mattress. Conventional mattresses which you see in most bed shops in NZ are made of synthetic fibres and materials as memory foam (Tempur), polyurethane foam, polyester wadding and polyester covering – these are not breathable and reflect the heat of the body back as every plastic will do.
    > The Organic and natural materials we use in the creating our INNATURE mattresses offer that ability to regulate temperature as they are breathable and known for centuries to humans for these properties to create a comfortable and cozy bed and home.

What to choose? A Natural Healthy Sleep for all little Kiwis

INNATURE Childrens mattresses are made of Natural materials offer solutions to help allergies, using materials that deter dust mites, are breathable and free from chemicals and toxins. At INNATURE we craft 100% Natural Organic Children’s Mattresses to ensure a pure and chemical-free environment for your child while they sleep. Our mattresses, beds and bedding give comfortable and lasting.

child mattress

What our customers are saying

“My son needed a safe breathable pillow at an affordable price. The great thing is INNATURE have taken the time to include age ranges for the pillows which puts my mind at ease being a nervous Mum and anxious the guideline really helped out my worries with whether it was safe for his age group. Thanks for everything , from a not so nervous Mum” – Sheree.

“We absolutely love our son’s new mattress, it is extremely well made and he sleeps so soundly on it. I love that he is sleeping on something so natural! Very happy customer ” – Miranda

“Our son loves his new bed! It’s beautifully made and the bedding is just amazing. Incredibly happy – looking forward to upgrading our own bed!” – Gabrielle

Good Support and alingment is importanat for Kids Healthy spine development