Buying the Best Bed for You

buying the best bed, Buying the Best Bed for You, INNATURE

Buying the Best Bed for You

“It does pay to get the best you can afford”, writes David Killick. THE PRESS, Christchurch.

Read his article below – he talks about INNATURE!

Natural materials are becoming increasingly popular. Russians Sukhita and Natalia Derova founded In Nature in 1995, specialising in eco-friendly furniture, available online throughout New Zealand ( The Auckland- based company has also made beds for luxury yachts.
In Nature does not use plastics, adhesives, solvents, flame- retardants or formaldehyde, and materials are also free from ‘‘electromagnetic stress’’.
Natural latex, coconut fibre, and wool are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant – good news for asthma and hayfever sufferers. Silk is also hypo-allergenic and lightweight.
To create a comfortable sleep environment, ensure your bedroom is well aired. Most people prefer a cooler – but not cold – bedroom, about 18 degrees Celsius.

READ THE FILL ARTICLE BELOW ( click on the image to open the PDF).

buying the best bed, Buying the Best Bed for You, INNATURE

At INNATURE our vision is to handcraft the best organic natural mattresses, beautiful solid timber bed frames and organic bedding products and custom made bedroom furniture in New Zealand, using only 100% Natural, Organic and Sustainable materials. You can rest in comfort with the knowledge that you have the best mattress available for you and for the environment.

Check out our range of Organic bedding; pillows, duvets, mattress toppers and organic cotton linen. INNATURE has you covered with everything you need for a sound healthy rest. Our products can be custom made to suit your preferences such as the shape of your body, preferred sleeping position, or your non-standard sized bed base. Chat with us about how we can help build an ideal sleeping nest for you and for your family. Come and visit our store in New Lynn or send us an email about your requirements.

buying the best bed, Buying the Best Bed for You, INNATURE

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